Our history

With more than 60 years experience in compressor technology and with highly committed employees, our focus is to develop, apply and support advanced compressor technologies to achieve standard setting performance for leading products and businesses around the world.


Secop’s headquarters with its R&D and Sales department and support functions is situated in Flensburg, Germany. Its three production facilities are located in Austria, Slovakia and in China.


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Secop´s complete timeline
from 1951-2015


Please see below some of Secop’s major milestones of standard setting technologies and development since the 1950s:

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1951 Introduction of “Pancake” compressor
The licensed manufacture of hermetic compressors has begun. Due to its “flat” appearance the compressor was named “Pancake”, influencing strongly the development of refrigerators in Europe for household appliances.
1956 Production facility and headquarters in Flensburg; Germany, founded
1970 Introduction of SC compressors and PTC
The birth of a standard setting platform in the light commercial market.
1977 Introduction of BD compressors
The start of standard setting performance for mobile freezers and refrigerators safeguarding food preservation.
1989 100 million compressors produced
1993 Introduction of compressors for R600a
Start of production of natural refrigerant compressors by using more eco-friendly R600a refrigerant grade isobutane, making a valuable contribution to protecting the environment.
1993 Production facility in Crnomelj, Slovenia, founded
1997 150 million compressors produced
1998 Introduction of TLV variable speed compressor
Setting the standard for less energy consumption by variable speed control starting devices.
2001 200 million compressors produced
2002 Production facility in Zlate Moravce, Slovakia, founded
2008 Production facility in Wuqing, China, founded
2010 Acquisition by Aurelius AG and change of name from Danfoss Compressors to Secop
2011 Secop plans to consolidate European production sites
2012 The Slovenian production facility became a dedicated supplier
2013 Introduction of the XV compressor. Opening a new chapter in refrigeration history.
2013 Secop acquires ACC Fürstenfeld Austria

Danfoss Compressor Business - An Industrial Heritage


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