Compressor Service for Isobutane (R600a) & Propane (R290) - Step-by-Step

Refrigerants R600a (isobutane) and R290 (propane) are possible replacements for other refrigerants which heavily impact on the environment, in small hermetic systems such as factory made household and commercial refrigerators and freezers. These refrigerants have zero ozone depletion potential ODP and a negligible global warming potential GWP.


The refrigerant R600a has been used in the past in refrigerators up to the 40'es, and has today a wide use in domestic refrigerators and freezers again, in Europe, where most refrigerators are manufactured using R600a as refrigerant. Isobutane R600a is a well suited refrigerant for household application, with good energy efficiency.


The refrigerant R290 has been in use in refrigeration plants in the past, and is still used in some industrial plants. In domestic heat pumps and air conditioners R290 has been used in Germany and Sweden for some years.


Because of the availability of isobutane and propane all over the world they have been discussed widely for CFC, H-CFC and HFC replacement. Isobutane R600a and Propane R290 are possible refrigerants for these applications, with good energy efficiency, but special care must be taken in regards to flammability.


Secop teams up with VULKAN Lokring - manufacturer of solder-free tube connections for the refrigeration and air conditioning industry to deliver a revised and improved version of the popular educational film Compressor Service for R600a/R290 - Step-by-Step (see links below).


Secop´s educational film supports you in servicing appliances with these refrigerants.