DLE-KK, DLY-KK and NLX-KK.3 Compressors for R600a - Value for Money

DLE-KK, DLY-KK and NLX-KK.3 Compressors for R600a

Based on platforms with well-proven technology, our new

DLE-KK / DLY-KK / NLX-KK.3 series of household compressors for R600a deliver the best performance combined with newest technology.

At the same time, a boost in performance compared to previous models provides significant energy savings in end user applications.


The new DLE-KK and DLY-KK compressors are 50% more silent than comparable compressors and can boost the COP up to 20% compared to previous models.

Needing just an optional run capacitor the DLE-KK types offer much more flexibility.


NLX-KK.3 compressors are based on our wellproven NLX technology. The new generation is a one-to-one replacement for all NLX-KK.2 types.