DLX-KK.1 Compressors for R600a - more silent than ever

DLX-KK.1 Compressors for R600a - more silent than ever

The new DLX-KK.1 series of household compressors proves to be a significant inclusion to Secop’s existing compressor range, covering the entire field of household appliances.

The DLX-KK.1 series provides considerable advantages to its users, in particular low noise level. The compressors are 50% more quiet than comparable compressors, making them ideal for applications which rely heavily on low noise operation.

Significant energy savings can be expected as a result of the 20% boost in COP, as compared to previous models. The level of performance is exceptional in the lower cooling capacity ranges – starting from 62/46 W (ASHRAE/CECOMAF).

The cooling capacity range of the DLX-KK.1 platform reaches up to 185/138 W (ASHRAE/CECOMAF).


Secop is a leading developer of products and solutions that focus on climate and energy. Choosing a Secop compressor with R600a is a choice of reducing environmental impact without sacrificing performance.


DLX Compressor for R600a