NLU-KK.1 Compressors for R600a - optimised for pure Efficiency

DLE-KK, DLY-KK and NLX-KK.3 Compressors for R600a

The NLU-KK.1 compressors offer users the possibility to improve their cabinet’s energy class, with the smallest possible investment.


They have been designed to provide great efficiency which in return instantly improves the efficiency of the entire cabinet.


The NLU-KK.1 compressors performance is far superior to the conventional compressor, with a COP of 1.98/1.55 (ASHRAE/CECOMAF). This gives users the opportunity to produce cabinets which rank well above both competitors and customer expectations.


Secop is a leading developer of products and solutions that focus on climate and energy. Choosing a Secop compressor with R600a is a choice of reducing environmental impact without sacrificing performance.

NLU Compressor for R600a