NLU-KTK.1 Compressors for R600a - designed for hard Work

DLE-KK, DLY-KK and NLX-KK.3 Compressors for R600a

The need for cooling and refrigeration is not limited to markets where power supply is stable and ambient temperatures are below the average body temperature. Sometimes the need may even be bigger in these markets – which put pressure on the refrigerator or freezer.


Our NLU-KTK.1 compressors for R600a are specifically designed to operate both in climates where ambient temperature is high and/or in markets where power supply is unstable. The ability to start with low voltage power supply as well as the robustness of the NLU-KTK.1 compressors, secures that the refrigerator or freezer stays cold.

Despite the high robustness of the NLU-KTK.1 compressors, energy efficiency has not been sacrificed.  With a COP of 1.87/1.46 (ASHRAE/CECOMAF), the NLU-KTK.1 compressors ensure that our customers are also able to offer cabinets with low energy consumption, in markets with high ambient temperatures and unstable power supplies.

NLU Compressor for R600a