Propane (R290) Compressors - tailored for Light Commercial Applications

Secop Propane Compressors

Make the transition from R134a or R404A to propane a natural choice with a perfect balance between performance and costs with our propane compressors. Secop has developed an outstanding environmentally friendly compressor range that uses propane (R290) as refrigerant.

Tailored to the predominant applications in the market ranging from LBP to MBP, our latest addition are 115V SC compressors and the new SC-MNX range.

SC-CNX.2 Propane (R290) Compressors

This enables considerable energy savings with smaller compressor dimensions and displacement respectively.


The new propane compressors offer a wide range of cooling capacities, particularly at low and very low evaporating temperatures (-30 °C to -40 °C), and it is the right choice if you are looking for a green solution (GWP 3).


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A new Generation of Propane Compressors

Secop enhances its successful R290 compressor program with the release of a new generation of propane compressors for LBP and MBP applications.


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New Energy-optimized Propane Compressors

TL-CN Propane (R290) Compressors

Product advantages - Customer benefits

• Environmentally friendly
– Natural refrigerant
• Propane is a natural gas and has minimum impact on the environment (GWP 3)
• Smaller dimensions and displacements possible
– Higher cooling capacity
• Compact cabinets
• Low noise level, innovative compressor technology • Low sound emission
• Compact start equipment
– SC-CNX.2 & SC-MNX with CSIR motors
• Reduced installation costs
• Low energy consumption
– High cooling capacity
– High COP
• Low running costs
• High thermal working conditions
– Oil and surface cooling
– Integrated winding protection
• Application at high ambient temperature possible
• High product quality • High appliance and system robustness at rough operating conditions
• Wide voltage range • Insensitive towards unstable electric power supply

Data sheets

R290 Compressor for 12-24V DC


Data sheets

R290 Compressors for 220V • 50Hz



R290 Compressors for 220V • 60Hz



R290 Compressors for 115V • 60Hz