People around the world want refrigeration and cooling systems to be more effective, more efficient, and more responsible. Secop is set up to do just that!

We really understand these issues. And with our leading compressor technologies, we work smoothly with our customers, creating and supporting intelligent solutions that shape their businesses and marketplaces.

We know what business success means and how to build it. Our actions are focused on increasing value for our customers, knowing that our own progression and success is dependent on theirs.

We are committed to leading the industry and to delivering performance that sets standards and never just lives up to standard practice.

Our Story

Our story is at the heart of our brand. It captures what Secop is all about. More than just words, it's the product of extensive research looking at our business and our industry and speaking to clients to find out what matters most to them. It's an expression of how we want to be known in the future.


  • Better performance – the idea behind our brand
  • Understanding – what’s important in our culture
  • Straightforward – the way we express ourselves
  • Increasing value – the benefit we deliver to people
  • Committed – how we want people to feel towards us

Secop Logo Animation

Secop Logo Animation

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