Increased Cabinet Net Volume by 27.7 Liters by Using an Efficient Secop Delta Compressor A+++ Chest Freezer (DELTA Compressors)

Sometimes a little change can transform the business. With the aid of the ultraefficient and ultracompact Secop DELTA compressor, it is now possible to increase performance, sstorage, and cost-savings to a whole new level in chest freezers.

The DELTA hermetic compressor series from Secop has been a popular choice in domestic refrigeration in recent years. The key to its success is the combination of its superior energy efficiency and very small size.

Coolers and fridges usually take much of the attention when it comes to innovation. But when our engineers analyzed the application of our DELTA compressor, it turned out that in a chest freezer the advantages could be even bigger, reaching an A+++ energy efficiency categorization, at a very competitive cost, while adding additional net volume.

Increasing Storage Volume to 27.7 Liters.

The extremely small compressor is innovatively mounted in the cabinet with a click-in solution, completely avoiding the traditional compressor compartment inside the freezer, resulting in a storage volume increase of 25 to 30 liters. Secondly, the internal shape is cubic, making it easier to produce and assemble as well as more user-friendly for the final customer.

Reducing Noise and Optimizing Energy Efficiency

The increase of storage volume is not the only benefit of mounting the DELTA compressor inside the chest freezer: the noise generated is also lower than before, by up to 8 dB(A). Thanks to the improved relation between the surface and the internal volume, the energy index is further improved by 7%.

Lower Manufacturing Costs Ensure Higher Savings

With the DELTA solution, chest freezers become the cabinet class with the highest advantage through its A+++ energy efficiency rating. The benefits are:

  • Large savings potential for freezers with high absolute consumption (large volume/low temperature)
  • Savings in production cost and little or no use of vacuum panels

With lifetime savings that can amount to the price of the cabinet itself, an A+++ chest freezer with the DELTA compressor is set to transform a thing or two in refrigeration.

A+++ Chest Freezer (DELTA Compressors) A+++ Chest Freezer (DELTA Compressors) A+++ Chest Freezer (DELTA Compressors) A+++ Chest Freezer (DELTA Compressors) A+++ Chest Freezer (DELTA Compressors)

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