The Future is now BSH (XV-KX Compressors)

Research, development, and intelligent solutions continue to be a top priority at Secop. The new X-Series compressor range is our latest benchmark, breaking new ground with its ability to combine an extremely small size with extremely high performance.

Based on a completely new and innovative platform, the XV variable capacity compressor: 

  • Ensures up to 40% efficiency compared to the highest efficient standard compressors
  • Sets new low noise standards with 32 dB(A)
  • Increases cooling volume by having the revolutionary low height of 100 mm
  • Reduces costs and sensitivity towards raw material fluctuation, due to an extreme low weight of 4.8 kg

Whether we talk about efficiency, noise, size, weight, quality, or handling processes, the XV compressor increases total value and efficiency.

One of the leading household brands, BSH Group (BSH Bosch and Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH) has joined the development of the intelligent XV compressor.

With this new series, BSH is looking forward to setting new standards and achieving much greater flexibility in production using its adaptable capacity for various applications.

In that respect, the XV is already on the way to becoming a vital part of a new generation of innovative home appliance solutions at BSH Group and other leading household brands.

BSH (XV-KX Compressors) BSH (XV-KX Compressors)

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