DLE-KK – Silence Is the New Source of Great Strength Gorenje (DLE-KK Compressors)

The quieter a compressor, the better it is, especially when it comes to household applications. Gorenje – one of Europe’s leading manufactures in the business – got themselves a high-performing weapon with the Secop DLE-KK compressor.

The market in household appliances has always been a very competitive one. Everything suggests that competition will only increase further in the future.

Gorenje has been one of the leading European home appliance manufactures for more than 60 years and has every intention in keeping that position, continuously seeking ways to improve their performance with the newest in technology.

In that context, the new DLE-KK compressor from Secop caught the attention of Gorenje.

It was able to meet their wish for a single compressor that could offer new market standards regarding low noise levels, flexibility, and high performance.

Challenging the Common Compressor Standards.

One of the key benefits of the DLE-KK compressor is that it is up to 50% quieter than comparable compressors.

Additionally with noise levels becoming an increasingly dominant parameter in modern household appliances, the interest of Gorenje was obvious.

Low noise has become instrumental in elevating the quality of end-user experiences.

Moreover, the DLE-KK compressor is very flexible in design, compared to competitors.

Thus, it immediately helped Gorenje to cut down the need for different compressor solutions with 66% fewer variants. The DLE-KK can be used in many kinds of appliances without considerable adjustments. Its versatility has improved on both product development and daily operating costs at Gorenje.

Low on Noise – High on Flexibility

There is great satisfaction at Gorenje with the collaboration on the DLE-KK compressor and plans for future elaborations already planned.

With its low noise level, it not only supports future market trends. It also supports the need for greater flexibility without compromising environmental impact or the need for high flexibility.

Gorenje (DLE-KK Compressors) Gorenje (DLE-KK Compressors)

The Secop Compressor Range

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