Introducing Environmental-Friendly Efficiency Thinking! Kiriazi (XV-KX Compressors)

The leading Egyptian home appliance manufacturer, Kiriazi wanted to move in a more sustainable direction. By incorporating the high-performing Secop XV8.0KX compressor and zero ozone refrigerants, they now have the best conditions to offer environmentally friendly products with considerable energy savings.

Secop has had a strong relationship with Kiriazi for many years. It is a relationship that even dates back to the time when Secop was known as Danfoss Compressors, and it has always been built upon technical cooperation and a close relationship of sharing knowledge.

In order to stay ahead in a growing and highly competitive Middle Eastern market, it was only natural for Kiriazi to turn to Secop for advice and new improved solutions.

Switching to Efficient Sustainability

Improvements evolved around two significant changes. Above all, Kiriazi switched to the environmentally friendly refrigerant R600a – a refrigerant with zero ozone depletion (ODP) and a negligible global warming potential (GWP). This refrigerant alone would secure Kiriazi's advantages over its nearest competitors.

As a result, Kiriazi was introduced to the newly developed XV8.0KX compressor from Secops – a compressor that not only meets the latest demands, but also exceeds them.

The XV8.0KX combines high performance with low energy consumption and low noise. Moreover, in contrast to fixed compressors, it is able to adjust the supplied cooling capacity of the compressor, ensuring a much more balanced temperature.

Together, the new refrigerant, the new compressor, and the close collaboration with Secop have led to a new level of sustainable and environmental friendly thinking at Kiriazi.

Increasing Performance from B to A+

Tests are vital to this kind of process process, and testing and optimization are still going on in order to create the best possible household solution with the XV8.0KX compressor.

It is important that the XV8.0KX can match preexisting designs and conditions and still be able to unfold its unique cooling capacity.

Regarding efficiency, tests show that original energy consumption levels already have decreased considerably. Both Kiriazi and Secop are expected to gain even further 40% savings when final tests are over.

This will ensure a huge leap in energy classification from B to A+ and provide Kiriazi with a new vital selling point.

Presenting a New Cool Standard

Thus far, the new solution with the XV8.0KX compressor has been carried out on one Kiriazi household product – and there is more to come. New XV variants for extremely challenging environments are also about to set new standards.

The plan is to continue the close and fruitful collaboration and over the next years launch a new standard for high-performing and environmental friendly household products that sustain Kiriazi’s position in the market.

Kiriazi (XV-KX Compressors) Kiriazi (XV-KX Compressors) Kiriazi (XV-KX Compressors) Kiriazi (XV-KX Compressors)

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