Secop XV Compressor – A New Standard for Cool Savings Vestfrost Solutions (XV-KX Compressors)

Danish Technological Institute has together with EUDP and the producer Vestfrost Solutions made comprehensive energy tests of commercial wine coolers. Results show that the variable speed Secop XV5.0KX compressor ensures a 47% overall energy savings compared to wine coolers with fixed speed compressors.

Design and usability are important matters in the light commercial market, but above all rates costefficiency. The refrigerators, freezers and coolers are always in use. This is why improved energy efficiency along with increasing environmental standards is so essential to the business.

Together with Danish Technological Institute and EUDP – a program that furthers new energy-friendly technologies – the Danish producer Vestfrost Solutions made numerous tests, both in laboratories and ‘real life’ in order to ensure that their new wine coolers also would set a new standard for energy savings.

Wine Cooler + XV Compressor with Variable Speed = Up to Overall 47% Energy Savings

The criteria included a compressor, that could combine high performance and low energy consumption with temperature precision and low noise. Tests demonstrated that the Secop XV5.0KX was a very good match.

In contrast to fixed compressors the XV5.0KX is able to adjust the supplied cooling capacity of the compressor to the needed cooling capacity of the cabinet by operating at different speeds.

This rules out the constant stop-and-go motion and leads to a more balanced cooling temperature and reduces energy consumption considerably. Results showed the Secop XV5.0KX compressor managed the same high performance as the fixed compressors but used 36% less energy.

Best in Class + Best in Fit

The XV compressor made the Vestfrost Solutions wine cooler take a best-in-class leap from energy efficiency class B to energy efficiency class A+ and provided simultaneously improvements on noise levels – an instrumental feature when choosing wine coolers.

Furthermore, the compressor was able to demonstrate great flexibility. Due to its extremely small size and weight, it only took minor adjustments to make the Secop compressor fit in with the preexisting cabinet.

With the XV5.0KX, it is possible to reduce energy consumption without big changes to appliance design.

A New Cool for Wine Coolers

Vestfrost Solutions has been pleased with the outcome and so has the different end users who already have had the chance to try out the "upgraded" wine coolers.

They mention the new cooling qualities as something to look out for and naturally the prospect of saving both energy and total costs.

Vestfrost Solutions (XV-KX Compressors) Vestfrost Solutions (XV-KX Compressors)

The Secop Compressor Range

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