Incredible Energy and Cost Saving Potential on Minibars Vitrifrigo (DELTA Compressors)

DELTA compressors from Secop help to ensure the world’s most cost-efficient minibars.

Using non-toxic natural gas refrigerant and reducing energy consumption to a minimum, the ultraefficient Secop DELTA compressor helps Vitrifrigo to introduce a new series of minibars and a future standard within the business.

Nearly every hotel room in the world has a minibar. Every single one of them uses a lot of energy, in fact, way too much. One of the reasons is that most minibars still make use of traditional absorption technology. It means that cooling takes longer and is more expensive to run.

In cooperation with the leading Italian manufacturer Vitrifrigo, Secop has come up with a solution that replaces the usual absorption method with modern compressors. By using Secop’s DELTA hermetic compressor in particular, a new level of environmentally friendly efficiency has been achieved.

Significant Savings with A+++ Compressor Technology

The DELTA compressor series is characterized by being ultraefficient, ultracompact, and very low on noise, just 33 dB (A), which is similar to a quiet whisper in a library. The idea was: if everything else in refrigeration can take advantage of these features, why should minibars not have the same possibility?

A comparison between Vitrifrigo’s NEXT DM A+++ minibars with a DELTA compressor and minibars based on absorption technology shows significant improvements.

The NEXT DM A+++ minibar:

  • Runs over 85% more economically
  • Cools four times faster
  • Reduces atmospheric emission 430 times

Besides easier mounting and less noise, a small calculation perhaps displays the most vital difference between the two technologies:

Using just 0.14 kWh/d compared to the absorption minibars’ 0.85 kWh/d, every single NEXT DM minibar will save up to 52 euros in energy per year. For a single hotel with 50 rooms, it adds up to 2.600 Euro per year.

No other minibars have refrigeration technology that can showcase the same figures or savings. In fact, the combination of Secop’s DELTA Compressor and Vitrifrigo’s engineering sets a new global standard for comfort and cost-efficiency in the business.

About Vitrifrigo

Part of the Rivacold Group, Vitrifrigo is an Italian manufacturer of refrigerators specifically active in the boating, automotive, and HoReCa industries. Vitrifrigo is synonymous with cutting-edge technology and guaranteed efficiency.


  • Superior efficient minibars with the highest possible A+++ EU energy rating
  • The ambient temperature is reduced four times faster than with the absorption method
  • New DELTA compressor mounting system reduces costs, size, and noise
  • DELTA compressor weight is less than 4 kg reduced shipping and storage cost
  • Uses refrigerant R600a with a GWP of 3
Vitrifrigo (DELTA Compressors) Vitrifrigo (DELTA Compressors) Vitrifrigo (DELTA Compressors)

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