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Secop Austria GmbH was already established in 1982 as “Verdichter Oe” in Fürstenfeld, Austria. The production site has several years of experience in developing high performing compressor solutions, mainly for household refrigeration appliances. The highly advanced manufacturing technology allows to manufacture products with the highest quality and performance standards and offer reliable efficiency in all areas. The Know-How and expertise of the innovative research and development team along with the close cooperation with market leading customers results in product innovation that enhances customer values and standards.

Fürstenfeld, which is called the Thermenhauptstadt, as it is the heart of the thermal region Styria, counts approximately 6000 inhabitants and is surrounded by six spas in the region. The town is situated in the hilly country of East Styria, approximately 150 km from the Austrian capital Vienna and only 15 minutes from the Hungarian border. The landscape around Fürstenfeld is often referred to as the Styrian Tuscany with a variety of grass- and agricultural crop land. The mild climate makes the region of Styria one of the most fertile land in Austria.

Future Variable Speed Household Compressor - VSD Next

Secop Austria GmbH is developing a highly efficient, variable speed compressor for use in household appliances with special consideration of the requirements of global energy labeling at the Fürstenfeld site.
This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.



1982  Verdichter Oe founded
2001  Introduction of KAPPA compressor
2003  Verdichter Oe sold to ACC group
2011  Introduction of DELTA compressor / Austrian National Award for Innovation
2013  100 million compressors sold
2014  Secop takes over ACC Austria / Secop Austria GmbH starts operations on January 7

European Regional Development Fund
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