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Secop Compressed, December 2020

Dear Colleagues,

With the exciting and challenging year coming to an end we would like to share some of the achievements of this past year. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your passion, great contribution and the great teamplay. Secop regions were impacted with different timing and severity of the virus. In Europe we had to face two Covid waves, affecting all of us in our business and our private lives.

Physically, there were many changes in several regions. In Austria we have opened our brand-new R&D research center in Gleisdorf and created a great place to work. In Slovakia our focus was on a smooth internal & K-platform relocation which is well underway and starting to bring positive results. Secop Italy was able to move to a better and modern office this year. In Germany, the merging of two sites into “one location” is well underway - we will move into a new office by the summer of 2021. China was hit by Covid early but recovered to give an outstanding record performance. US team did a great job in fighting the severe Corona impacts and lay the foundations for a successful 2021. This showed that even with these challenges we were able to accomplish many positive things as well as transition the company.   

We were able to take advantage of the new normal to implement many key initiatives. For example, our sales team has defined the 5-year strategy based on the back of a detailed market and customer mapping. While our new medical task force drives strategy implementation by combining commercial, technical, and specifier workstreams. In operations, the relocation of the K- platform and the restart of production dominated the year 2020. The finance team has worked through the year on the refinancing of the company creating cash stabilizing and improving the company in very difficult times. In R&D, BD Nano and the launch of SLVE18CN, as well as building the team in Gleisdorf have been the strong achievements this year.

We want to thank everybody around the globe inside the Secop Group for doing a fantastic job in contributing to the significant successes of the company. We are very proud to have a team that worked diligently to mitigate our risks, serve our customers and achieve the best possible results. We feel that Secop has navigated extremely well through this stormy year in 2020 and now has a good foundation and focus to drive the company to the next level with its fantastic team!

We would like to extend our best wishes to you and your families! We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and Winter break. We wish you all the best for the next year and wish everyone even more amazing achievements in 2021!

Stay healthy!

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