Comfort Cooling in Trucks

Comfort Cooling in Trucks

In the USA, Australia, Asia, South America, and Europe many of the heavy trucks are equipped with sleeping compartments. The sleeping compartment gives the driver the opportunity to respond to spontaneous transport tasks and to plan his own working days.

To ensure a good night's sleep, it is important to keep the temperature and the humidity in the cabin at a comfortable level also during nighttime when the engine is shut off, and the air-conditioning system is not running. Many states and countries have abandoned idle cooling, meaning the diesel engine is not allowed to run when the truck is parked. To keep a comfortable temperature during hot summer nights, a small DC-driven comfort cooler system could be the solution. It cools down the cabin and at the same time it reduces the humidity to a comfortable level.

BD250GH.2 and BD350GH compressors are tailored for driving workplaces. They are universal for 12 V and 24 V DC power supply. They are also unbeatable when it comes to tolerating changing climatic conditions and vibrations under harsh road conditions all over the world.

The compressors cover a capacity range from 180 W to 850 W at Te +15°C. Especially designed for high back-pressure applications.

The compressors are controlled by an electronic unit including protection against overload and destructive battery discharge. The unit also features an internal voltage recording as well as calibration to the applied voltage (compressor monitoring) plus many other smart features in order to save energy and maximize performance.

The Secop Compressor Range

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