Cooling in Medi Boxes

Cooling in Medi Boxes

Manufacturers and users of transport equipment for medicines, vaccines, blood plasma, and organs know that it is of vital importance that these products are stored at the right temperature during transport.

Vaccines and stored blood, for example, may only be given if the temperature gradient during transport is completely provable. Similar high requirements apply to protein medicines, dialysis preparations, and organs.

The Secop BD35F and BD50F compressors are tailored for temperature-controlled transportation. They ensure that the temperature can be kept at a constant temperature within the range of -18°C to +8°C and are therefore unbeatable when it comes to using medi boxes for transporting medicine.

 from main pharmacies to drugstores and organs from donor to recipient as well as storage of medicines and vaccines in ambulances.

The compressors from Secop are universal for 12 V and 24 V DC power supply and can be used in medi boxes with capacities of up to 150 liters.

The compressors cover a capacity range from 20 W to 180 W. Low and medium back-pressure applications.

An electronic unit including protection against overload and destructive battery discharge controls the compressors. The unit also features an internal voltage recording as well as calibration to the applied voltage (compressor monitoring).

The new BD1.4F-VSD has additional features such as a fan speed control, built-in electronic thermostat, communication interface which makes programming of the controller easy, no resistors, and extra wiring.

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