Mobile Refrigeration in Buses

Mobile Refrigeration in Buses

Many coaches offer passengers the opportunity to buy cold beverages during a long tour. The compressors from Secop are universal for 12 V and 24 V DC power supply and can be used in all kind of buses. They are also unbeatable when it comes to tolerating changing climatic conditions and vibrations under harsh road conditions. The BD1.4F-VSD, BD35F, BD35F-B, and BD50F compressors cover a capacity range from 20 W to 180 W.

Low and medium back-pressure applications: a special version of the electronic unit will adapt the capacity of the compressor automatically (AEO) to the actual load on the refrigeration system. The algorithm will adjust the speed of the compressor so that a running time of approximately 30 minutes is achieved. This is the most energy-efficient way to operate the compressor.

The BD1.4F-VSD and BD35F/BD35F-B/BD50F (with a second-generation electronic unit 101N0212) offer an ECO function which optimally adapts the compressor's speed. It has additional features such as a fan speed control, built-in electronic thermostat, communication interface which makes programming of the controller easy, no resistors, and extra wiring.

Refrigerator sizes up to 30 to 50 liters with a freezer compartment. The compressors are controlled by an electronic unit including protection against overload and destructive battery discharge.

The unit also features an internal voltage recording as well as calibration to the applied voltage (compressor monitoring).

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