Mobile Refrigeration in Cars

Mobile Refrigeration in Cars

Mobile refrigeration is desired by many due to the increasing amount of time people spend in their cars. With its compact design, low noise level, and sturdiness against vibrations, the BD compressor is the perfect solution for cooling boxes in cars, offering the driver and passengers the comfort not to stop every time they want food or drink. And when not on the road, the storage box keeps cold for up to five hours after the car engine has been stopped.

There are a number of areas to place a cooling box in a car. The center console area is possibly the most obvious location, but the it can also be placed under the passenger seat or even within the front passenger seat – where access is made possible via a lift-up seat cushion. Lose excess weight and use the extra space for what really matters. The new BD1.4F-AUTO and the BD1.4F-VSD from Secop are 60% smaller than previous models and weigh in at only 2.3 kilos.

Perfect for 10 to 15 liter in-car cabinets that need to fit into tight spaces without compromising storage space. Specially designed for maximum efficiency and reliability, this tiny powerhouse of a compressor makes it easier than ever to provide leading-class mobile fridges to the discerning automobile manufacturers.

The optimized, low-noise motor ensures outstanding performance when you want to provide that extra degree of luxury on the move. Cool beverages on demand make driving so much more of an experience. Fridges using the BD1.4FAUTO or the BD1.4F -VSD take up less space and allow small fridges to fit easily, with maximum storage space for snacks and beverages. Low energy consumption is good for car batteries – and the environment.

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