Mobile Refrigeration with Van Boxes

Mobile Refrigeration with Van Boxes

Fresh Food from Producer to Consumer

From farm to fork, the journey our food takes has changed a lot over recent decades. Today, a food product may easily be manufactured in the USA and sold in Europe, or vice versa.

To ensure that consumers always get safe and fresh food, no matter where it has been produced or how long it has been transported, many countries have passed stringent legislation on food safety. This can place heavy demands on food companies, which must increasingly be certified according to the HACCP standard. This internationally binding quality management system for food products shows the world that suppliers can demonstrate high levels of food safety.

The BD compressor series from Secop – BD50F, BD80F, BD250GH.2, BD350GH, and BD220CL – makes it easy for retailers to comply with existing food safety regulations and standards. Especially suited for use in mobile refrigeration applications like delivery vans, small trucks, cars, trolleys, or air cargo containers, it makes it possible to equip a vehicle with transportable refrigerators and freezers, maintaining storage temperature during transportation.

With capacities of up to 1,000 liters for refrigerators and 500 liters for freezers, these compressors deliver outstanding temperature control that always maintains the temperature in the box.

The compressors use R134a and R404A as refrigerant and operate with different voltages, enabling 230 V AC mains operation overnight while during the day, 12/24 V DC operation is achieved by means of an AC/DC converter. They have been constructed to stand high ambient temperatures up to 55°C.

Secop Maintains the Refrigeration Chain

The Secop BD50F, BD80F, BD250GH.2, BD350GH, and BD220CL compressors make it easy for retailers to keep the cold chain unbroken during transportation, without having to invest in a dedicated refrigerated van.

So why not save money and gain flexibility with a mobile refrigeration box? A mobile refrigeration box with a built-in Secop BD compressor will smooth the way for you to achieve HACCP certification.

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points. The guiding principle is that all critical points in the supply chain, from farm to fork, are closely examined using regular spot checks.

Critical risks are always present when perishable food is exposed to high temperatures, for example, while shopping or delivering to a customer. HACCP defines limiting values for all critical points, and then continuously checks and documents them.

 Reasons Why We Need HACCP:

  • More quality – safe and healthy food
  • More profit – better process management
  • Satisfied customers
  • Prevention of legal risks and damage to your reputation
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