Portable Cooling Boxes

Portable Cooling Boxes

Today, more and more people want to spend their holiday in off-road exotic areas where there is no electricity power, but they still want to be able to cool their food and beverages. This has developed a market for portable cooling boxes.

The BD35F compressor is the ideal choice for this application. It is battery-powered, compact, light, and easy to carry around. It also acts as an independent compressor in the car to refrigerate the cooling box for holiday excursions with the family or a picnic.

And for a salesperson, it is pleasant to always have chilled food and beverages on hand. The BD35F is universal for 12 V and 24 V DC power supply. The compressor covers a capacity range from 20 W to 130 W. Low and medium back-pressure applications. Cooling boxes from 18 to 150 liters. The electronic unit is mounted on the compressor – this means no additional mounting costs. The compressor operates with electronic as well as standard mechanical thermostats. It can be powered directly from an AC/DC unit. A switch in the power supply cables can be mounted to eliminate standby power consumption.

The BD compressors have internal voltage recording and calibration to the applied voltage as well as adjustable battery protection settings. The capacity is variable through motor speed regulation. An electronic unit including protection against overload and destructive battery discharge controls the compressors. The unit also features an internal voltage recording as well as calibration to the applied voltage (compressor monitoring). The new BD1.4F-VSD has additional features such as a fan speed control, built-in electronic thermostat, communication interface which makes programming of the controller easy, no resistors, and extra wiring.

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