Solar-Assisted Cooling

Solar-Assisted Cooling

With BD solar compressors, Secop offers a refrigeration solution for places with poor or no power supply. Due to the exceptionally low starting current, batteries are not necessary if an ice bank is used for energy storage.

BD solar compressors offer numerous functions for manufacturers within the rapidly growing area of mobile and stationary refrigeration. For example, storage and transportation of drugs, storage of food under difficult conditions without power supply, ice cream stands in holiday resorts, remote bottle coolers, refrigerators in boats, just to name a few.
At times when there is no sun, the ice packs keep the cabinet at the set temperatures. Its wide voltage range (10–45 V DC ) makes the BD very suitable for photovoltaic powering.

An example of the latter: we supplied the compressor for a solar cabinet used at the UN Johannesburg Summit and complied with all the tough demands of WHO (storage for three days without any power supply).

The concept is well accepted by WHO and UNICEF today.

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