Telecom Battery Cooling

Telecom Battery Cooling

When the power fails, battery cooling systems must draw on the batteries’ power. As the compressor is the main power consumer, much can be gained with a solution that is extremely efficient without being overly power hungry.

By using a battery-powered direct current (DC) compressor, it is possible to build a cooling system that can run on batteries, solar cells, and wind turbines without needing to convert to alternating current (AC).

The BD250GH.2 and BD350GH compressors are unique as they are constructed with integrated fan control and electronic thermostat. In this way, it is possible to simplify the design of the overall system and still ensure maximum performance.

With battery drain being a big issue, it is important to use an energy-efficient compressor with the highest COP possible.

Compared to other solutions that rely on AC and 230 V AC conversion, the BD250GH.2 and BD350GH compressors save up to 250 W per hour.

In areas that rely on battery power for up to 16 hours a day, you can be certain that Secop BD compressors will ensure that batteries will last as long as possible.

The optimal temperature for batteries is 25°C. Anything above this will shorten their life expectancy and provide their owners with an inconvenient replacement cost.

The Secop Compressor Range

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