The Ideal Choice for Counter Top Bottle or Promotion Barrel Coolers – 23.03.2016 DELTA HXD-MA Compressors for LBP-MBP Applications

Secop´s DELTA series takes the lead in manufacturing hermetic refrigeration compressors. Its sleek design coupled with innovative engineering exemplifies a new system approach and a new standard for energy savings and cost efficiency. The ultra-compact size of the DELTA compressor (weight less than 4 kg) reduces shipping and storage cost with more than 50%. Furthermore, the DELTA compressor’s all in one concept comes with accessories already preassembled and advanced interfaces, leading to significant improvement for reliability and noticeable reduction in complexity.

Main benefits:

  • Increased cabinet net volume - Up to 11 litres
  • Reduced shipping and storage costs - Less than 50%
  • Easy mounting - Assembly process reduced by more than 60%

The new DELTA HXD-MA types cover the LBP/MBP application range and are the ideal choice for light commercial applications like counter top bottle or promotion barrel coolers, etc.:

  • HXD30MA
  • HXD35MA
  • HXD40MA
  • HXD45MA
  • HXD55MA

Please visit our DELTA compressors site for information and downloads (Data Sheets, Leaflet).

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