Secop’s Energy-efficient Condensing Units are Back – 17.08.2016 Secop Condensing Units for AC voltage

Secop has a long tradition of delivering outstanding condensing units for AC voltage. Formerly known as Danfoss Compressor GmbH, Secop has been the mastermind behind several award-winning products. After a break of a few years we are now back with a range of condensing units that provide the same standard-setting innovation as our Secop hermetic compressors.

Combining efficiency and reliability as well as easy installation and maintenance, they offer valuable savings no matter the application or operating conditions.

The Secop condensing units are, of course, designed to comply with the global energy regulations, including the latest Ecodesign directives that powerfully contributes to improvements of the environmental performance of products.

Please visit our new Condensing Units site for information and downloads.

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