Compressors Business - An industrial Heritage

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Compressor Business

An Industrial Heritage


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Das Danfoss

Eine Industriegeschichte


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En Industrihistorie


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About the Book


The book The Danfoss Compressor Business was published by Danfoss A/S, Nordborg, Denmark in 2008/2009 in Danish and German.


Thanks to the Danfoss Historical Archive for supporting Secop with this project and thereby making the English version possible.

Former technical literature - Lectures from the 70s

This technical literature, written by the Danfoss Compressor Application team in the 70s, was considered influential literature of the time.

Its development and publication involved, Gunnar Sørensen, Gustav-Adolf Johansson and Poul Adam Bachmann, amongst others, and clearly shows our experience and leadership in the industry.

These 4 lectures were used to train staff, fitters and customers alike, by both universities and vocational schools.

Having now just digitised these lectures in celebration of our 60-year anniversary, this is the first time ever that it is available online.

To download the lectures, simply click on the links below.