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Secop Newsletter, December 2021

Season's Greetings and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year 2022

Many thanks for the cooperation in this exceptional year and all the best wishes for 2022.
Stay healthy.

Sincerely, Secop

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Secop Medical Cold Chain Solutions

Secop’s new dedicated range of compressors is optimized for the safe storage, transport, and handling of highly sensitive substances including pharmaceuticals, vaccines, cells, genes, blood, etc. The reliability of cooling equipment is essential to ensure the quality and usability of stored assets.

Secop now provides a solution with several benefits such as enhanced robustness, ultra-low temperature technology, and compatibility with refrigerant Ethan (R170) with its new medical compressors range. This makes them the ideal solution for hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, research centers, universities, and the medical industry. Safe Product Delivery up to the Last Mile.

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SLVE18CN Application Studies

Secop’s SLVE18CN energy-optimized 18 cc. variable speed compressor is the perfect choice for food retail, food storage, and other commercial applications.

The light commercial refrigeration market is driven by the new energy regulations, such as Ecodesign in Europe and the transition to low GWP refrigerants, like F-gas regulation in EU.
This means installations in food retail, food service require more efficient green solutions both in LBP and MBP applications. Two different applications have been optimized and tested by Secop.

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New Headquarters for Secop

Based on the business expansion of the company and further business developments planned for the upcoming years and supported by a strong commitment of our shareholders, Secop’s management decided on a new location for the Secop headquarters in Germany.
In the new headquarters, Secop will be able to combine all competences at one location to boost synergy effects and efficiency as well as flexibility to support its expansion plans.

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Secop GmbH Appoints Dr. Jan Ehlers as New CEO

The Board of Directors of Secop Group is pleased to announce a change of management and the appointment of Dr. Jan Ehlers as the new Group Chief Executive Officer of the Secop Group Holding GmbH,
effective from October 1, 2021.

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