Newsletter, December 2022 | Secop

Secop Newsletter, December 2022

Season's Greetings and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year 2023

Thank you for the good cooperation this year and all the best wishes for 2023.
Sincerely, Secop

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Solar Direct Drive and Next-Generation Modular Electronic Controllers

Modular solution with additional features for electronically controlled compressors NLV and SLVE:
Secop has developed a new range of controllers with a modular SW-HW design for its electronically controlled series NLV and SLVE.

New generation of solar direct drive controls for BD Nano:
Secop, the leading supplier of solar direct drive solutions, has developed a new generation of SDD controllers optimized for the new BD Nano series.

[read the full article here]

R&D at Secop GmbH

The Flensburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) reports:
Using tax incentives to further develop its own business model – this is what Secop GmbH based in Flensburg, Germany has done with the help of the German Research Grants Act.

[read the full article and watch the video here]

Secop Single Packs

The latest update of the online Product Selector tool features a new section dedicated to Single Pack code numbers. This makes searches in our database directly using the Single Pack code numbers as well as the bare compressor code numbers possible. Secop offers more than 500 different Single Pack options, covering all the different market needs across the regions.

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Secop at ATMOsphere Europe Summit 2022

Secop, a global expert in advanced compressor technologies using hydrocarbon refrigerants and electronically controlled variable-speed compressors, supports and sponsors ATMOsphere Europe Summit 2022.

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