Newsletter, May 2022 | Secop

Secop Newsletter, May 2022

Condensing Units for HC and HFC Refrigerants

Secop's new range of condensing units is now designed and optimized to fully meet the European Ecodesign Directive. The multirefrigerant HFC units (approved for R452A, R513A, and R449A for selected models) offer a flexible solution for meeting ongoing changes in the industry.
The HC R290 range, powered with our top efficiency compressor families DLE, NLE, and SCE, ensures an excellent combination of low environmental impact and maximum performance. 

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Operating Instructions for Secop NLV and SLVE Compressors

Secop's Operating Instructions assist the user in the proper installation and application of variable speed compressors and controllers.
The manuals for the NLV and SLVE compressors and the controllers 105N4760, 105N4710, and 105N4730 are available for download.

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Global Presence – Secop Distributors

A core pillar of our global strategy is to strengthen our distribution channels, offer customers the best accessibility to our latest products, and maximize the potential of enhanced services.
In 2022, Secop started a direct distribution network for products with the Secop brand.

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Secop at ATMOsphere America Summit 2022

Secop, a global expert in advanced compressor technologies using hydrocarbon refrigerants and electronically controlled variable-speed compressors, will support and sponsor ATMOsphere America Summit 2022.

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