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Finally, the moment everyone has been waiting is here: Our new website has gone live. The main goal of the relaunch was to significantly improve the overall user experience as well as performance of our website and simplify website maintenance at the same time. This required a complete overhaul of content, technical and design aspects.

Improved usability, clean structures, intuitive navigation

After several exhaustive design phases, the visual presentation of the website was the next milestone to be achieved. The result is a layout that is now much more appealing: The navigation is distinctive and eye-catching, and the use of large-scale images of products, applications and employees create a personal feel and provide users with insight into the company. The different applications and product portfolio are also presented in a clean layout. Technical documentation is listed in a uniform and structured manner.
The same applies to the company history. Organized in an easy to understand and clean timeline, users can find precisely what they are looking for.
Each product highlight now has its own landing page where features and product details can be displayed individually.
Thanks to the RSS feed and redesigned newsletter, readers can stay-up-to date on the latest at all times.

Current technical standards and low volume of data mean fast loading time

The website implements the most technically advanced standards and is responsive, of course. It also automatically adapts to the display formats of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. A smaller image display on these end devices means that the website remains very fast despite its size and offers quick loading times.
Both the Product Selector and Datasheet Selector offer a wide range of filter and sorting criteria.
Since some visitors from Asia have only restricted access to Google or YouTube the browser's language recognition feature is used, so that these services do not even load, thus making it possible to access the website more quickly *.
What's more, our website now runs on an up-to-date TYPO3 version of the content management system. This is an enormous jump and an important step when it comes to security.

* This feature works with a localized Chinese browser or with the domains:

Useful links, agile extensions

Content such as product series, applications and case studies are technically linked to each other: Changes to the master data automatically have an affect wherever respective content is displayed.

Quote from Mogens Søholm, CEO

“Since the launch of the “” website almost 7 years ago, the number of visitors has increased month by month, year by year.
This is a good sign for our business. Now with the new web design, visitors will have an even better experience visiting
The usability, structure, search tool and large amount of technical documentation available for download is absolutely setting new standards in terms of benefits to current and future customers.”

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