Newsletter, November 2020 | Secop

Secop Newsletter, November 2020

SLVE Variable-Speed LBP/MBP Propane Compressor

Secop’s new SLVE18CN propane variable speed compressor – perfect cooling efficiency, tailor-made features and easy integration.
This energy-optimized 18 cc. compressor is the perfect choice for food retail, food storage, and other commercial applications.
The compressor achieves more than 2 kW cooling capacity and a COP of up to 2.25 (ASHRAE MBP) while operating continuously inside an evaporating temperature range from -45 to +10°C.

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Hydrocarbons Are Where We Should Be

To gain a better understanding of Secop’s commercial refrigeration business, Accelerate recently interviewed Peter Michael Hansen, Head of Global Application and MD for Secop Germany.

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Sustainable Cooling Solutions

Secop's new corporate presentation is available for download.

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Secop Austria GmbH Opens Research Center in Gleisdorf

Compressor manufacturer Secop to conduct research and work from a new location in Gleisdorf, Austria. As one of the central research facilities for the international Secop Group, Gleisdorf will be home to innovative research in the field of compressor technology at the global level in the future.

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Start of K-Series Compressors Production at Secop s.r.o.

The Secop Group is currently optimizing its operations in Europe, combining production and logistics in one place to take advantage of synergies and improve efficiency. The start of production of the new platform of K-Series (formerly KAPPA) compressors at the plant in Zlaté Moravce kicked off in October.

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Secop CapSel App Update – Version 1.5.0

The latest update contains some bug fixes and minor user interface adjustments to make the app run seamlessly with the latest versions of Apple's iOS or Google's Android operating systems.
The update also implements "Auto Calculate" and saving of the selected system of measurement.
Our Android Package (APK) files can be installed manually (depending on your Android OS settings), for example, if you do not have access to Google Play.

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ATMOsphere America 2020 – Secop Case Study

Secop, a global expert in advanced compressor technologies using hydrocarbon refrigerants, supports and sponsors ATMOsphere conferences.
The first virtual ATMOsphere America Conference took place October 20-22.
The case study "New Variable Speed Solar Solution for Refrigeration Cooling" was presented by Hendrik Möller, Global Application Manager Mobile Cooling.

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