Secop Case Study ATMOsphere America Summit 2022 – 13.06.2022 Breaking Boundaries of Hydrocarbon Usage in Light Commercial Applications

On June 8th at the 11th edition of ATMOsphere America Summit Sam Huffman (General Manager – Americas, Secop Inc.) and Thies Möller (Application Engineer and Product Owner, Secop GmbH Germany) presented Secop’s case study “Breaking Boundaries of Hydrocarbon Usage in Light Commercial Applications". Secop proves which advantages are achievable when converting from HFC refrigerant fixed-speed compressors to new generation electronic controlled hermetic hydrocarbon compressors.
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Step-1: Transition from R404A to R290 refrigerant Direct drop-in from a R404A compressor to a R290 compressor improved energy savings for the system. With the adjustment of refrigerant charge and capillary tube length to achieve a balanced and efficient system flow and therefore increase system efficiency.

Step-2: Transition from fixed-speed drive to variable-speed drive electronic controlled compressors e.g. Secop's SLVE18CN variable-speed compressor propane compressor solution.

Step-3: Further good results were achieved with additional optimization of the condenser and evaporator to ensure a 150 g charging limit with R290. Furthermore, greater optimization was achieved while working on auxiliary consumers such as fan and defrost heating, etc.
Secop used a specific cooling system calculation and simulation tool to evaluate the system behavior and define the right system settings and parts (including condenser, evaporator, capillary tube, fan, defrost heater, etc.). The tool is the result of years of testing and experience with a wide variety
of cabinets. This ensures the efficient combinationof parts to achieve the best system balance according to the application’s/end user’s needs.

Breaking Boundaries:
HFC (hydrofluorocarbon) => HC (hydrocarbon, e.g. R290) => ECC (electronic controlled compressor)

  • R290 and ECC combined represent a huge system upgrade with lots of benefits: With the new SLVE18CN compressor + electronics it is possible to break the charging limits boundary to cover up to 30cc.
  • Additional cost for ECC will be quickly recovered by ROI and TCO improvements. Secop's modular electronics provide you much more flexibility to break the system limitations.
  • Premium support helps achieve optimal system settings efficiently. Secop offers premium support with rich R290 an ECC experiences and tools to break the traditional approach.