Secop R&D Centers Tour – 03.07.2023 Secop Among the TOP 100 Innovators

As announced at the beginning of February, Secop is among the TOP 100 Innovators 2023! But who is behind this innovative company?
The award, which is given to the 100 most innovative companies of the year in Germany, is the result of the hard work of the R&D and engineering departments. At the headquarters, in Flensburg, Secop can count on a special team of expert engineers and researchers who test products every day in the laboratory located next to the offices. In a wide range of products offered by Secop, we recognize some relevant innovations that are a part of the recent success:

  • The ULT Medical Cascade Condensing Unit: an active cooling solution for ultra-low temperature mobile applications that guarantees reliable storage and transportation of vaccines down to the last mile even in severe ambient conditions
  • The new generation of solar direct drive controls for BD Nano and the modular solution with additional features for electronically controlled compressors NLV and SLVE. The electronics are developed and tested directly by the MCC team (Motor Competence Center) located in Flensburg
  • The new BD Nano, the innovative compressor for battery-driven applications with impressive dimensions, performance, and efficiency. Thanks to the application engineering team located in Flensburg, the compressors are tested on different applications for customers of the European and North American markets

In celebration of the TOP 100 Award, the second stage of the R&D Secop Center tour went to Gleisdorf, Austria! 
The ATS R&D Competence Center is an exclusive R&D center where around 40 engineers work on the mechanical designs of the new products. Virtual prototyping is intensively used to test new ideas even before a physical part is available. After thousands of simulations, the promising concepts and ideas are then prototyped and tested to confirm and validate their effectiveness. During this creation process, innovative solutions are also evaluated in terms of their feasibility for mass production and cost competitiveness.
As a result of the innovative and dynamic approach, numerous patents are obtained and applied to new products. These are finally thoroughly tested to fully meet the customer’s requirements. New product platforms such as KLF and BD Nano are specific examples of this successful model.

After making a stop at the Austrian R&D Competence Center in Gleisdorf, the TOP 100 Award moved on to Zlaté Moravce, Slovakia where Secop’s European central production and assembly site is located.
Every day, Secop employees at the Slovak site ensure excellent design to quality and supplier development in strong cooperation between R&D and operations. This enables the team to precisely design good innovative solutions and thus make them ready for mass production. A special focus lies in the development of hydrocarbon refrigerants and efficient products. Our staff makes great use of their core skills in hermetic compressors, electric motors, and electronic controls for refrigeration-optimized products.
Just recently new innovations such as the new KLF, the robust series based on our tried and trusted platform design and developed for commercial refrigeration. The KL-Series comes with a patented hermetic terminal plug designed to increase robustness for usage with flammable refrigerants.
Follow us further on our R&D Secop Center tour so you don’t miss the next stop in China!

The the last stop on our tour of Secop’s R&D centers! In celebration of the TOP 100 Award  we are at the research and development center in Tianjin, China. The team, consisting of engineers and technicians, manufactures state-of-the-art compressors, offering customers customized and sustainable solutions for commercial, battery-powered, ideal transportation, and finally medical applications.
Among the most important products is the latest, the BD Nano compressor. The BD Nano is the most innovative product in mobile refrigeration. Proof of this is receiving the China Refrigeration 2022 Innovation Award thanks to its impressive size, performance, and efficiency.
Another example of excellence produced at this location is the SLVE18CN compressor, which suitable for both commercial and medical applications. It is the most powerful variable-speed hermetic propane compressor available on the market and received the China Refrigeration 2021 Innovation Award.