Secop Analysis Laboratory Turkey – 01.02.2023 Benek College Students Visit

Students from Benek College visited Secop’s testing and return analysis laboratory in Turkey (TRS HUB) accompanied by their instructors.

Secop develops and attracts new talents by implementing measures that engage and stimulate new generations of students in technical and scientific fields such as sustainable refrigeration.

During their visit, they learned about the different occupations and branches of engineering they could choose to specialize in. In addition, information about refrigeration cycle, compressors, new refrigerant technologies and the operation of the laboratory were shared.
The students viewed test chambers, the stock area, measuring instruments, and equipment together with TRS engineers and technicians.
Students gained insight into how analyses are conducted in the laboratory as well as the processes involved. Thus, students were able to see practical examples of their theoretical knowledge from college.
The visit ended with students taking pictures of the laboratory after a question-and-answer session.

This enables students to interact with industry experts, gain practical learning experience while also honing interpersonal skills.

Secop Analysis Laboratory Turkey
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