Optimized for Propane – 02.11.2023 Upgraded KL-Series for LBP and MBP Applications at 115-127 V, 60 Hz

Secop’s upgraded KLF-CNH 115-127 V 60 Hz range is now available. It covers a wider range and fulfils both MBP and LBP application needs.
Our customers can now benefit from additional savings by optimizing logistics and storage costs.

With this upgrade, the compressors will be able to cover a much wider range of applications.
The updated expanded evaporating temperature range now covers:
-40°C to 7.2°C / -40°F to 45°F.

The expanded evaporating temperature range does require updated electrical equipment. Additionally RSCR versions will also be available as further upgrades.
The material used for the start equipment of the new KLF-CNH models are at 5VA level according to the UL94 standard of flammability.
All existing code numbers, and approval certificate numbers can be retained.

The new premium propane KL-Series compressors are designed for green and efficient cabinets. They offer a reliable, top-performing, and cost-effective solution and are an ideal choice for food retail and food service applications.

The KL-Series comes with a patented hermetic terminal plug designed to increase robustness for usage with flammable refrigerants and makes this range an ideal solution for any new cabinet project.

Further information on how to migrate from the KLF-MNH to KLF-CNH compressors can be found in our Product Bulletin.

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