Genuine Secop Accessories and Spare Parts


Secop is a very well-established and experienced player with a tradition of high quality, innovation, and application engineering, and customer service.
Secop was formerly known as Danfoss Compressors and is one of the founding fathers of modern compressor technology with years of experience that goes back to the beginning of the 1950s.

Secop Distributors

Secop strongly recommends using original spare parts and accessories during installation, maintenance, and service activities. Click on the link below to find a list of authorized Secop distributors where you can source our original spare parts and accessories.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly using our contact form.


Below you can find a selection of the most common parts and components used in our compressors. For proper installation, we always recommend reading our instructions found by clicking the following links.

PTC and ePTC Starting Devices, Terminal Boards

  • PTC starting device: 103N0011
  • PTC starting device: 103N0021
  • PTC starting device:103N0023
  • ePTC starting device: 103N0050
  • ePTC starting device:103N0058
  • Terminal board (incl. PTC and external protector): 103N0250
  • Terminal board (incl. PTC and external protector): 15163500
  • Terminal board (incl. ePTC and external protector): 15540500

Starting Relays and Terminal Boards

  • Starting relay: 117U6022
  • Starting relay: 117U7002
  • Starting relay incl. external protector: 117U4129
  • Terminal board (incl. relay and external protector): 117U7071

Starting Devices

  • Starting device: 117-7027
  • Starting device: 117-7056


  • Run capacitor: 117-7119
  • Run capacitor 117-7190
  • Start capacitor: 117U5001
  • Start capacitor: 117U5015
  • Run capacitor: 10693001
  • Run capacitor: 11261700


  • Cover: 103N0492
  • Cover: 103N2009
  • Cover: 103N2010
  • Cover: 10636401
  • Cover: 10636401
  • Cover: 15759500
  • Cover: 15759500

Cord Reliefs and Cable Clamps

  • Cord relief: 103N1004
  • Cord relief: 103N1010
  • Cable clamp: 11341000
  • Cable clamp: 16058100
  • Screw for cable clamp: 10636200
  • Screw for cable clamp: 10636000
  • Earthing screw for cable clamp: 10641201

Mounting Accessories

  • Bolt joint for one compressor (16 mm base hole): 118-1917
  • Snap-on for one compressor (16 mm base hole): 118-1919
  • Bolt joint for one compressor (19 mm base hole): 118-1949
  • Bolt joint for one compressor (19 mm base hole, GS): 107B9150
  • Snap-on for one compressor (BD Nano): 118-1959
  • Bolt joint for one compressor (BD Nano): 118-1960

SC-Twin Specific Parts

  • Time delay relay: 117N0001
  • Service valve 16 mm: 118-7351
  • Seal ring for service valve and solder connector: 118-3638


  • PTC protection screen: 103N0476 (to fulfil the requirements of EN 60335-2-34)
  • Run capacitor holder: 117-0300 (screw M4 x 8 PZD 2: 117-0301)
  • External protector: 117U3182
  • Evaporation tray for K-Series compressors: 16299100
  • Secop Gateway 105N9518 for Tool4Cool® and Secop variable-speed compressors