Natural Refrigerants

Isobutane (R600a) is the hydrocarbon (HC) most frequently found in domestic fridges and freezers, whilst propane (R290) is common in commercial heat pump, air-conditioning, refrigeration, and freezer applications.

In addition to their environmental benefits, hydrocarbons are a cost-saving option for heating/cooling and also for freezing. A common replacement for fluorocarbons (now lacking green credentials), HCs substitutes are compatible with oils and components found in many existing systems. They can be purchased more cheaply and also offer superior energy efficiency, reflected in more-affordable running costs.

Secop has been developing and promoting highly efficient compressors that use hydrocarbons (R290 and R600a) for more than 25 years. In 1993 Danfoss Compressors (Secop) introduced compressors for R600a and in 1999 compressors for R290.

The introduction of hydrocarbons R600a and R290 helps to protect the environment and updates commercial refrigeration systems with the latest generation of a highly efficient compressor technology.


Secop Energy-optimized Propane Compressors

Our successful R290 compressor range has been updated with continuous releases of higher efficiency models for both LBP and MBP applications, specifically designed for merchandisers, food service, food retail, medical refrigerators, and ultra-low temperature freezers.

These NLE, SCE, and KLF compressors are tailored for commercial use and can be used to replace products made for high global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants such as R404A and R134a.

New 50/60 Hz compressor variants are designed to support regions that experience harsh and challenging environments and in which voltage fluctuations as well as high ambient temperatures need to be taken intoaccount, and when the ability to start under low voltage conditions without stalling is important.

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Energy-optimized Propane Compressors and Condensing Units

  • Energy-Optimized Propane Compressors

    Energy-Optimized Propane Compressors

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  • Energy-Optimized Propane Condensing Units

    Energy-Optimized Propane Condensing Units

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