Variable-Speed Drive

Variable-speed compressor motors are electronically controlled. Full load operation is extremely rare in most cooling applications, restricted to a few days per year.

This unique technology makes capacity automatically adapt to your actual requirement. The compressor runs at low speed most of the time, minimizing energy consumption.

On top of this, system efficiency is greatly improved thanks to reduced loss when less heat is transferred via the evaporator and condenser. Altogether, substantial energy savings can be obtained.

Secop Variable-Speed Compressors

From the 1998 when the first TLV variable-speed compressor was developed, Secop has continuously developed and optimized its variable-speed compressors and control electronics for commercial applications and for DC battery-driven solutions.

Today, we offer a full range of variable-speed drive compressors from the small BD-Series for mobile cooling up to the S-Series for large food retail solutions, including a green hydrocarbon refrigerants range.

Secop understands that operation at full capacity is extremely rare in most cooling applications, that’s why we’ve built variable-speed controlling devices into the BD, DLV, NLV, and SLV/E series that automatically adapt the speed to your operating needs.

This means compressors usually run at low speed, thus minimizing power consumption and greatly improving efficiency.

Secop variable-speed compressors are designed for refrigeration systems using the designated refrigerants R600a (isobutane) and R290 (propane).

Variable-speed drive software

Optimal control and monitoring a cooling system is eseential. Secop's unique software tool Tool4Cool®  lets you configure Secop’s Cool Capacity Drive (CCD®) variable-speed (inverter) compressors precisely to your cooling systems.

In-Depth Article and Tool4Cool®