New Battery-Driven Solution – Smaller and More Efficient BD Nano-Series

Secop’s latest innovation for mobile refrigeration is the new BD Nano compressor which is available for low GWP refrigerants R600a and R1234yf as well as for R134a.

This compact very low vibrating low noise emitting compressor is the ideal solution for small and silent cooling units. Together with its premium controller, this highly efficient mobile direct current compressor preserves battery life during cooling.

Compared to its predecessor models, the BD Nano offers enhanced connectivity and lower EMI, thus making it easier for our customers to meet the stringent standards for equipment approvals, they also achieve a lower TCO.

The extreme compact BD Nano (40% shorter, 67% lighter in comparison – controller included) provides the same cooling capacity as much bigger BD35F/50F/35K/50K compressors yet with unrivaled efficiency.

The BD Nano features some technical innovations such as a new mobile stability concept, an improved lubrication concept, miniaturized new mufflers, a compact housing, a miniaturized new motor, improved valves, and compact versatile controllers, among other things.

An innovative robust design based on years of mobile compressor development expertise.

Features – Benefits in Detail:

  • Compact Size – Even more compact than a BD Micro compressor for more capacity in the cabinet
  • Robust Design for Mobile Applications – Reduced knocking and improved stability during transport
  • Protection Against Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) – Designed for reduced emissions and increased immunity against external sources
  • Tailor-Made Configurations – Optimized hardware/software for recreational and automotive applications
  • Premium High Efficiency – Greater energy savings, reduced total cost of ownership (TCO), and extending battery operation time
  • Extended Cooling Capacity – Replaces larger compressors, thereby extending the range of applications
  • Reduced Noise and Vibrations – Improved acoustic comfort for noise-sensitive applications
  • Multiple Compliance Options – Regulatory compliance and environmentally friendly R1234yf or R600a refrigerants

The Secop Compressor Range

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