Most Powerful Hermetic Reciprocating Variable Speed Compressor SLVE Compressors for R290 (Propane)

Secop’s new SLVE18CN propane variable speed compressor – perfect cooling efficiency, tailor-made features and easy integration.
This energy-optimized 18 cc. compressor is the perfect choice for food retail, food storage, and other commercial applications.

It comes with our new °CCD® controller featuring speed control through Adaptive Energy Optimization (AEO), frequency signal, or serial communication.

The SLVE18CN is the most powerful hermetic reciprocating variable speed compressor for propane available on the market.

Only the variable-speed design can obtain energy savings of up to 40% when compared to fixed-speed compressors in on/off operation mode.

Secop's ultraefficient SLVE18CN compressor uses the environmental friendly refrigerant propane (R290) with a low global warming potential (GWP3).

Secop's most powerful variable speed compressor for propane is the ideal choice for commercial applications like soft scoop ice cream displays, reach-in merchandiser multidecks, refrigerated display cases, stainless steel reach-in freezers and large glass door merchandisers.


  • Suitable for both LBP and MBP applications
  • Achieves more than 2 kW cooling capacity and a COP of up to 2.25 (ASHRAE MBP)
  • Operates continuously inside an evaporating temperature range from -45 to +10°C
  • Energy savings of up to 40% (compared to a fixed speed R404A compressor)
  • Intelligent °CCD® controller with automatic input detection and IP54 housing
  • Easy customization via TOOL4COOL® software
  • Compressor with copper connectors and large baseplates

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