• BD Nano Compressors

    Hermetic Refrigeration Compressors
    for DC Voltage

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    • The evolution of DC compressors for cooling solutions in automotive, e-cars, RVs and boats
  • Light and Compact
    For more capacity in the cabinet, weight: 1.5 kg (incl. controller),
    height: 93 mm (incl. feet and controller)

  • EMI According CISPR25 Level 5
    EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) designed for controlled emissions and immunity against external sources


  • Improved High Efficiency
    Up to 1.71 W/W (CECOMAF conditions) for higher energy savings, reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) and extending battery operation time


  • Very Low Noise and Vibrations
    Improved acoustic comfort for noise-sensitive applications compared to the Secop BD Micro compressor, the current market standard

  • Extended Cooling Capacity
    Up to 98 W (CECOMAF conditions), can replace larger compressors and covers a wider range of automotive and leisure applications up to 200 liters volume

  • Robustness – ISO 16750 Compliant
    BD Nano compressors are produced in a IATF16949-certified plant and offer reduced knocking noise, vibrations and improved transport stability


  • Solar Direct Drive System
    The medical variant MB3CKV with its dedicated controller and the new generation SDD Power Management Module are tailored for vaccine refrigerators

  • Automotive Compressors
    The BD Nano Automotive variant BDN45F-A with a new dedicated electronic control unit offers a wide range of electronic interface functions

Technical Details

Refrigerants R600a, R134a, R1234yf
Nominal Voltage 12 V, 24 V
Voltage Range 9.6–17 V, 19–34 V
Frequency Range
Displacement 1.42–2.6 cm³
Variable Speed Variants Available only
Ultra-Low Temperature Models Available no
LBP 28–69 W
MBP 63–139 W
HBP no
L-MBP yes
M-HBP no
L-M-HBP no

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Typical Applications

  • Passenger car, front console

    Car, front console

  • Passenger car, rear console

    Car, rear console

  • Passenger car, minibar

    Car, minibar

  • Maritime appliance, drawer

    Maritime appliance

  • Recreation vehicle, large fridge

    RV, large fridge

  • Portable box, small

    Portable box, small

  • Portable box, large

    Portable box, large

  • Solar powered medical fridge

    Solar powered fridge

  • Medical cooling transport box, portable

    Portable transport box

  • Medical cooling transport box

    Transport box

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