China Refrigeration 2019 Expo Innovation Award – 10.04.2019 NLU8.8DN Propane Heat Pump Compressor

At the 30th China Refrigeration 2019 exhibition, Nidec GA Compressors (formerly Secop) was recognized by the China Refrigeration exhibition expert committee with a CR 2019 Expo Innovation Award for the NLU8.8DN propane heat pump compressor.

The newly released NLU8.8DN reciprocation compressor is the ideal solution for for domestic water heaters, using the next generation heat pumps with high efficiency and eco-friendly refrigerant R290 (propane).
The compressor offers some significant advantages and benefits vs. present used solutions.

Features & Benefits

  • Eco-friendly technology –  Lowest possible impact on environment
  • Up to 30% increased efficiency  –  No significant system optimizations necessary
  • Silent operation – Less distracting noise in living environments
  • Less vibrations – Less complex internal heat pump piping
  • No refrigerant losses – Longer operating life of the whole heat pump system
  • 1 kWh input creates 4.5 to 5 kWh output (heating capacity)

Data Sheets