BD Micro, DC-Powered

The BD Micro series from Secop is 60% smaller than previous models and weighs in at only 2.3 kilograms. Perfect for 10 to 30 liter in-car/van/boat cabinets or portable boxes that need to fit into tight spaces without compromising storage space.

Secop BD compressors mean: extraordinary performance at minimum power consumption, superbly silent-running, reliable operation even when tilted up to 30 degrees, problem-free operation at 12/24/48 volts, and more than 45 years of experience in mobile refrigeration. Transport stable, speed/capacity stable, multifunctional electronic, silent, high COP, and compact design.

BD Micro Series – A New Milestone in Mobile Cooling

The BD1.4F-VSD.3 (BD Micro Variable Speed Drive) is specially designed for maximum efficiency and reliability. This powerhouse of a compressor makes it easier than ever to provide leading-class mobile fridges. Enabling the variable-speed function to increase the system’s COP. Low energy consumption is beneficial for car/van/boat batteries – as well as the environment. The optimized, low-noise motor ensures outstanding performance when you want to provide that extra degree of luxury on the move.
The electronic thermostat (NTC sensor support) provides an accurate temperature while the failure detection allows a prompt fault diagnosis. The computer interface makes it easier for customization via TOOL4COOL®.

The BD1.4F-VSD-HD (BD Micro Variable Speed Drive Heavy duty) is a special version of the BD1.4F-VSD which can handle extreme vibrations.

The BD1.4F-AUTO.3 (BD Micro Automotive) is optimized for applications in the automotive segment. It features a space- and weight-saving design and provides low energy consumption during both operation and standby mode for automotive infrastructures.
Furthermore, it contains an interface in accordance with relevant automotive standards. These attributes and their performance make the BD1.4F-AUTO.3 the preferred choice for highly sophisticated applications on the road where cooling is desired, for example, compact fridges in upper and luxury class cars to cool beverages and snacks.
Of course, due to its small installation space and mobile reliability unlimited uses are imaginable, so live out your creativity ...

Technical Literature

  • BD1.4F-VSD.3/-HD – New Milestones in Mobile Cooling

    BD1.4F-VSD.3/-HD – New Milestones in Mobile Cooling

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  • BD1.4F-AUTO.3 – New Driving Experience with In-Car Cabinets

    BD1.4F-AUTO.3 – New Driving Experience with In-Car Cabinets

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  • DC-Powered Compressors for Mobile Cooling

    DC-Powered Compressors for Mobile Cooling

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