Variable-Speed Drive Software (Tool4Cool)

Variable-Speed Drive Software (Tool4Cool)

Optimum Control and Monitoring

Tool4Cool® is a unique PC software tool that enables you to precisely configure Secop variable speed drive compressors (inverter) to your cooling systems.

As well as using Tool4Cool® to customise and optimize settings during development, you can also use it for remote control and monitoring of your refrigeration circuit during operation.

Tool4Cool® retrieves and sends information to all controllers in the refrigeration system, including settings, temperature and speed. This enables you to control and monitor your system from a central station. With Tool4Cool® your service department has a constant overview of your cooling system, so trouble-shooting can be carried out remotely. Technicians only need to visit the plant in the event that a component needs to be replaced, for example.

Designed for Easy Operation

Tool4Cool® is a unique PC software tool that enables you to precisely configure your Secop compressors to your cooling systems. 

Via microprocessor-based controllers, Tool4Cool® gives you easy access to all parameters. These can be changed, monitored, downloaded or uploaded to get the optimum performance out of your cooling system. Designed to be used with our automotive and light commercial range of compressors and controllers, Tool4Cool® covers a wide range of applications within parking cooling, light commercial cooling and transport cooling.

Using Tool4Cool®, you can determine the basic specifications of your product, giving you the ability to clearly differentiate yourself in the market.

Product Key / Parameter Definition File / Gateway Driver

Product Key
The Product Key is an alphanumeric code, which is specific to single or multiple types and versions of Secop controllers. The user must enter the Product Key to gain access to the Tool4Cool® LabEdition functions for the Secop controller.
The user access level is coded into the Product Key, defining which parameters and level of the controller the user is entitled to access. For user access at a different level, a new Product Key is required.
Keys, which contain wildcards (question mark) in the code number or software version are valid for multiple electronics. More specific keys with less wildcards have a higher priority then more general keys with more wildcards.
Product Keys for products not listed below are available from the supplier of the application.

Generic Product Keys for DC-Powered Series Controllers (High Customer Level)

Parameter Definition File
The Parameter Definition File contains the parameter data and settings specific to one type and version of Secop controller.
For some controllers, the Parameter Definition File must be imported. For others, the software will automatically obtain the Parameter Definition File from the controller electronics. When a Parameter Definition File import is required, the system will make a request via a dialog in the software.
When required, the Parameter Definition File is available from the supplier on a CD or as a file attachment via email.

One Wire/LIN Gateway Driver
Instructions for the  Secop One Wire/LIN Gateway, 105N9501 (USB) and the latest Virtual COM Port Driver from Future Technology Devices International Ltd. can be found here.

Minimum System Requirements:
 • Min. 1 GHz Intel Pentium III processor or equivalent, and min. 500 MB disk drive space
 • Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
 • .NET Framework with the latest patches and updates for .NET Framework by Microsoft

Variable-Speed Drive Software (Tool4Cool)

TOOL4COOL® Program Files
TOOL4COOL® v2.01
release date: 28/6/2012

TOOL4COOL® Program Files
TOOL4COOL® v2.01
release date: 28/6/2012

TOOL4COOL® Program Files
TOOL4COOL® v2.01
release date: 28/6/2012

• English/German/Chinese
• Autostart menu
• .NET Framework files
• Operating Instructions
• Size: 639 MB

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