Secop BD1.4F-AUTO Compressor for Audi’s Flagship

Secop has developed a battery-driven compressor that will be used in Audi’s flagship A8 to keep beverages cold. The cooling box developed by Dometic uses around two-thirds less energy compared to similar electrical versions which do not have a compressor.

It cools the contents to refrigerator temperature, no matter how warm the weather is.

Would a music system with 19 loudspeakers tempt you? Or what about an air pillow massage, built into the backrest?

Perfect Performance/Dimension Ratio

There are plenty of options for the wealthy to consider when they work their way through the list of optional extras on the new A8 – the German car producer Audi’s flagship model.

One of the options for the backseat is a discreet built-in fridge box. The compressor in the refrigerator is made by Secop. It ensures cool beverages for the drive. The compressor is called BD1.4F-AUTO and is the market’s smallest battery-driven compressor.

Dometic Cooler Box

The refrigeration company Dometic produces fridges and installs Secop compressors into its refrigerators before they are integrated into Audi vehicles on the production line.

The Dometic Group is a customer-driven, world-leading provider of leisure products for the caravan, motor home, automotive, truck, and marine markets.

This car-specific refrigerator has been developed in close cooperation with Audi for the A8 model. The elegant yet compact compressor refrigeration has been harmoniously integrated into the pass-through typically utilized for skis, thus, helping to save space.

The refrigerator has a net volume of 10 liters and storage facilities for bottles, cans, and small snacks.

The silent and reliable-working Secop compressor assures maximum cooling performance, making even freezing possible.

The innovative inner-light concept highlights the luxury character of this Dometic product.

High-Quality Standards

This is the first time Secop will deliver compressors to the automotive industry, and it is a bit of a challenge.

This industry implements some of the world’s strictest quality requirements, and the reality is that it does not accept any errors. This means that each and every compressor is thoroughly tested before it leaves the assembly line.

Features and Benefits

Secop's BD1.4F-AUTO compressor helps to reduce the amount of electric power used in automotive applications.

  • Less electric power used - lower fuel consumption
  • Flexible controller – fits to various HMI designs
  • Less weight and size – lower fuel consumption
  • Perfect performance/dimension ratio
  • Customer-specific solutions