Coldtainer for 100% Electric Refrigerated Transport in Milano

Steeped in tradition, Milan’s oldest and finest pastry shops are considered a benchmark for the quality of its fresh patisserie and signature chocolates. Matching tradition and innovation, those shops decided to join the “zero emission” philosophy and recently ordered, for its home delivery service in downtown Milan, a new Nissan e-NV200 40 kWh electric van together with a Coldtainer F0720/NDN (720-liter capacity, Secop BD80F compressor) autonomous refrigerated container.

A Global Reference Point

Coldtainer is a registered trademark of Euroengel, an Italian SME that has been designing and manufacturing 12 Volt portable refrigerators since 1993. Euroengel’s unique know-how in designing of isothermal containers with rotational molding technology, of the specific production tools, of 12 Volt refrigeration units suitable for continuous use in vehicles even on rough roads, guarantees the production of unique products for performance, quality and durability.

Fresh, Safe, and Economical

An expensive, impractical, especially adapted refrigerated van is no longer the only option on the market. The most economical and efficient solution for small-scale transport is to use a mobile refrigeration unit that easily fits into cars and vans. Retailers can keep the cold chain unbroken during transportation, without having to invest in a dedicated refrigerated van. The F0720 van box, designed and produced in Italy by Euroengel, is a 720-liter 12 Volt refrigerated container, with an integrated battery for more than 12 hours of autonomous operation. The internal battery of the F0720 is recharged overnight when recharging the traction batteries of the van. The F0720 autonomous is available in FRAX or FRCX ATP classes. With the F0720 AuO, the quality and freshness of all sorts of pastries is guaranteed also during transport, with zero impact on environment.

Secop BD Compressors for Van Boxes

Over the years, Euroengel has specialized in the design of mobile solutions for professional refrigerated transport. All Coldtainer van boxes from Euroengel are equipped with Secop compressors. BD compressor such as the models BD50F, BD80F, BD250GH.2, BD350GH, and BD220CL make it easy for retailers to comply with existing food safety regulations, save money, and gain flexibility. Especially suited for use in mobile refrigeration applications such as delivery vans, small trucks, cars, trolleys, or air cargo containers, Secop BD compressors make it possible to equip a vehicle with transportable refrigerators and freezers, while maintaining storage temperature during transport. With capacities of up to 1,000 liters for refrigerators and 500 liters for freezers, these compressors deliver outstanding temperature control that always maintains the temperature in the box.

Proven Results and Awards

The Coldtainer range was recently selected as Top Green Supplier by the reputed USA Food Logistic magazine and selected as winner of the Innovation Smart Label Award, by the Jury of HOST 2019, one of last year’s top Horeca events in Europe.
A comparison study by the University of Brescia, proves the advantages in terms of CO2 reduction (-40%) and total cost of ownership (up to -50%) between a Coldtainer and a traditional solution.

Cooperation with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Coldtainer AuO units were recently selected by FCA Mopar automotive supplier (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles MOtor and PARts) as official Mopar accessories. Units are available for Fiat Professional (the FCA commercial vehicles brand) dealers directly in their system and can be included in the order and financing of the vehicle. The cooperation with FCA will start in September 2020 in Italy and then extend to other EMEA Countries.