Cooling with Award-Winning Efficiency

The Gram Superior Plus K 72 G is a winner of the prestigious ProCold Award 2017 for Europe’s most energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable refrigerator in the Vertical Chilled Storage Cabinet category (e.g. for professional or commercial use in hotels, restaurant, catering, etc.) Inside the award-winning refrigerator is the high energy-optimized compressor, Secop NLU-KK.1 that uses the refrigerant R600a.

Outstanding energy efficiency is the benchmark of today’s cooling business. It is also the driving force behind Secop’s solutions, setting standards for new, better, and more environmentally friendly compressors.
The recent cooperation (a technology project by the Danish EUDP program) on the Superior PlusK 72 G with Gram Commercial, part of the Hoshizaki Corporation, 3Part, and The Danish Technological Institute is no exception. Secop contributed with cooling expertise and the latest generation of the NLU-KK.1 compressor with R600a (isobutane).

Optimized for Pure Efficiency

The NLU-KK.1 from Secop was handpicked by Gram Commercial for the project. It was part of a focused attempt to design a solution that reduces environmental impact without sacrificing the highest level of performance.

Secop’s NLU-KK.1 compressor provides an ideal combination. It uses the environmentally friendly refrigerant R600a and simultaneously operates with a COP of 1.98/1.55 (ASHRAE/CECOMAF). This utilizes the capabilities of traditional compressors. Numerous tests showed that NLU-KK.1 – together with the detailed design – was a perfect match. Despite a cabinet volume of 463 liters, the annual energy consumption of the Superior Plus K 72 G turned out to be just 285 kWh. This means that the professional vertical storage refrigerator also achieved an energy efficiency rating of A – which is now the best rating according to new EU legislation.

Part of an Award-Winning Standard

ProCold, which is partly funded by the EU, honored the Superior Plus K 72 G as not only the most energy effective but also the most environmentally friendly product due to its pioneering technology and use of HFC-free refrigerants.

Gram Commercial and the Hoshizaki Corporationis were pleased that their commitment to manufacturing green and energy-efficient refrigeration was recognized by the influential ProCold organization. Secop is also pleased by this recognition and is looking forward to contributing further to the development of less costly, more energy-efficient, more environmentally friendly compressors in the vein of the innovative, NLU-KK.1

About ProCold

ProCold is a joint project of the EU aimed at improving energy efficiency in plug-in cabinets and speeding up the switch to climate-friendly refrigerants.There is an energy-saving potential of around 50%. The project provides help for manufacturers, suppliers, food and beverage companies, retailers, gastronomy, hotels, public authorities, media, and other stakeholders.