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Medical Refrigeration

The global medical cold chain contains a wide range of applications. Specific cooling temperatures with minimal deviations provided by Secop’s robust and reliable compressors and controls are essential to guarantee medical efficacy. Secop provides tailor-made system solutions in close customer cooperation to enable a safe medical product portfolio for global reach, listed in the WHO (World Health Organization) catalogue for medical cold-chain solutions.


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Find the Best Compressor for Your Medical Cooling Application

Secop's Application Selector helps users to find the best compressor according to the application segment and related conditions. The selector can suggest in just a few steps the best options available: Select the market segment, application type, and cabinet size. The results displayed are narrowed down to a few compressors that match user’s search criteria.

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Application Selector for Medical Refrigeration Compressors

Stationary – Standard Temperature Range

Biomedical Freezers

Stationary long-term storage of temperature sensitive biomedical products at temperatures down to -45°C with pure hydrocarbon refrigerants. 

Laboratory Equipment

Stationary cooling / freezing of laboratory products at temperatures down to -35°C. 

Medical Coolers

Stationary stable cooling of medical products for evaporation temperatures up to +10°C. 

Centrifuge Coolers / Freezers

Centrifugation of blood and biomedical products with compressor solutions enabling exact temperature process control.

  • Biomedical freezer

  • Laboratory equipment

  • Medical cooler

  • Centrifuge cooler / freezer

Mobile – Standard Temperature Range

Solar Powered Medical Fridges

SDD-solar direct driven highly efficient compressor/electronic solutions for WHO-approved vaccine and medical cooling/freezing applications in off-grid areas with high ambient temperatures (up to +43°C).

Medical Cooling Containers

DC driven customized portable cooling/freezing solutions for evaporating temperatures from -25 to +15°C, (e.g. cooled air cargo transport containers for vaccine transportation).

Medical Cooling Transport Boxes

DC or AC/DC driven medical approved cooling boxes for portable/stationary use (e.g.: flexible transport/storage medical cooling solutions for large hospitals). 

Medical Cooling Transport Boxes (portable)

Portable DC or AC/DC medical cooling transport boxes for vaccines, blood, and other medical products.

  • Solar powered medical fridge

  • Medical cooling containers

  • Medical cooling transport box

  • Cooling transport box, portable

Stationary – Ultra-Low Temperature Range

Cryogenic Freezers

Long term storage of biological probes in clinical, pharmaceutical, and scientific research at temperatures down to -150°C, in the past with passive cooling by LNG (liquid nitrogen), now supported by Secop with 2-stage active compressor cooling with environmentally friendly natural HC-hydrocarbon refrigerant mixes.

Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

Stationary long term storage of temperature sensitive vaccines, cell and gene therapies and other sensitive medical probes at temperatures down to -86°C with high-efficient ULT-approved compressor cascade/condensing unit solutions for HC refrigerants.

Biomedical Freezers (refrigerant mix)

Stationary long-term storage of temperature sensitive biomedical products at temperatures down to -60°C with compressor solutions using environmentally friendly hydrocarbon refrigerant mixes.

  • Cryogenic freezer

  • Ultra-low temperature freezer

  • Biomedical freezer

Mobile – Ultra-Low Temperature Range

Ultra-Low Temperature Transport Boxes

Reliable, active cooled two-stage compressor/condensing unit solutions for portable ULT applications of temperatures below -80°C at high ambient (up to +43°C) with environmentally friendly natural refrigerants (hydrocarbons).

  • Ultra-low temp. transport box

  • ULT compressors made visible

Technical Literature

  • Compressors for Medical Cold Chain Solutions

    Compressors for Medical Cold Chain Solutions

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  • ULT Active Mobile Medical Cooling Technology, R170, R290, 12-24 V DC

    ULT Active Mobile Medical Cooling Technology, R170, R290, 12-24 V DC

    | Literature | Leaflets

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