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DC-Powered / Mobile Refrigeration

Secop has more than 45 years of experience developing direct current (battery-driven) compressors and helping customers benefit from the opportunities of mobile refrigeration technology. With a deep insight of the usage across various applications, we have earned a position as the market leader, working with OEM customers around the globe.


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Find the Best Compressor for Your DC-Powered Cooling Application

Secop's Application Selector helps users to find the best compressor according to the application segment and related conditions. The selector can suggest in just a few steps the best options available: Select the market segment, application type, and cabinet size. The results displayed are narrowed down to a few compressors that match user’s search criteria.

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Application Selector for Mobile Refrigeration / DC-Powered Compressors

Recreation and Leisure

Maritime Appliances

Long-term solution for cooling on boats and ships, that enables the transport of perishable products.
The BD compressor series is specially designed for refrigeration in boat applications. A sturdy design makes the unit resistant to vibrations, hard impacts, and heavy seas for refrigerator sizes up to 180 liters and freezers up to 90 liters. All compressors are designed for tilting operation up to 30 degrees and more to enable usage even in sailboats.


Portable Boxes

Portable cooling transport boxes for reliably cooling transported goods.
Battery-powered, compact, light, and easy to carry around, BD compressors are the ideal choice for cooling food and beverages where there is no electricity.

  • Maritime appliance, door

  • Maritime appliance, drawer

  • Portable box, large

  • Portable box, small


Truck and Bus

Long-term cooling of food and beverages up to 80 liters with a freezer compartment and also tolerates changing environmental circumstances and vibrations under harsh road conditions.
Most drivers are on the road for many days at a time. To keep their food and beverages cold, they need refrigerators that can be built into the cab.
The BD compressors are tailored for driving workplaces. Special versions of our BD compressors are designed to meet even harsher road conditions in which the refrigerator is mounted on the chassis. Also, the compressor is very silent. Even when sleeping next to the fridge, drivers will not be disturbed at night.


Automotive Passenger Cars

DC-powered efficient and very light cooling of food or beverages that is perfect for 10 to 15 liter in-car cabinets.
The center console area is possibly the most obvious location. However, it can also be placed under the passenger seat or even within the front passenger seat. With its compact design, low noise level, and sturdiness against vibrations, the BD compressor is the perfect solution for cooling boxes in cars, offering driver and passengers the comfort of not needing to stop every time for food or drink.


Recreation Vehicles

Efficient DC-powered cooling sizing up to 180 liters that tolerates changing environmental circumstances and vibrations under harsh road conditions.
BD compressors, make it is possible to go on vacation in recreational vehicles all over the world and to bring along a refrigerator and a freezer – even in “off-the-grid” places without any external power supply (or “running on batteries only”).

  • Truck and bus, fridge

  • Truck and bus, drawer fridge

  • Passenger car, minibar

  • Passenger car, rear console

  • Passenger car, front console

  • Recreation vehicle, small fridge

  • Recreation vehicle, large fridge

DC Special Applications

Solar Cooling

Purely solar-powered cooling of products. Cooling in environments with no main grid or batteries.
BD solar compressors from Secop offer a refrigeration solution for places with poor or no power supply. Due to their exceptionally low starting current, batteries are not needed. Appliances are designed with an ice bank to store thermal energy for the night.


Medical and Healthcare Portable Solutions

Mobile cooling/freezing of special goods with customized capabilities.
Secop compressors are tailored for temperature-controlled transportation. They ensure that the desired temperature can be kept at constant temperature ranges and are therefore unbeatable when it comes to transporting medicines.



Stationary battery-, solar-, or wind-powered cooling of telecommunication equipment that provided energy when power fails.
Telecom battery cooling is required for optimized battery lifetime and lowest possible TCO. Maximum battery lifetime is achieved when used in temperatures at or below 25°C. Higher temperatures will shorten the battery lifetime and require more frequent replacements. Especially in areas relying on battery power for up to 16 hours a day, Secop BD compressors ensure a long-lasting battery life.

  • Solar cooling with battery

  • Solar powered medical fridge

    Solar cooling w/o battery (SDD)

  • Medical portable solutions

  • Telecommunications

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